What kind of batteries should you use to make power wheels go faster ?

If you want to know which type of battery will make your kid’s Power Wheels faster, there are mainly two methods: installing a battery with a higher voltage or switching from the standard lead-acid battery to a lithium-ion one.

If you want more details, we will delve into the two primary methods to achieve this :

1. Upgrade the battery to a Higher Voltage :

Simply, if your Power Wheels came with a 6V battery, change it to a 12V battery. Similarly, if you have a 12V battery, change to an 18V or 24V setup.

Easy peasy !

Generally, lights are powered by AAA batteries so they will not be affected by this upgrade, however, some ride on toys come have lights, horn and radios powered by the main battery of the vehicle so you need to pay attention for that.

2. Switch the battery to Lithium-Ion Batteries :

As I said before, another viable option is to transit from the standard lead-acid battery to a lithium one.

To be clearer, the efficient power delivery of lithium-ion batteries ensures that the motor receives consistent power, which can result to a better performance and speed.

To learn how to do it, I invite you to watch what this parent did in details and what was the result :

Just like him, many parents have already switched to lithium-ion batteries for their Power Wheels. You see, many of us buy these ride-on toys with a 6 or 12V system when our kids are just one, two, or three years old. But as kids grow (and as the battery gets older), the Power Wheels might not seem as fun because they start to feel slower. Here comes the solution of lithium batteries, or simply highet voltage batteries..

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