How To Modify Power Wheels Plastic Tires To Rubber Tires

Power Wheels are mostly made with standard plastic tires, but there can wear down quickly and affect traction. That’s why modifying them to rubber tires could be an excellent boost to the performance of the ride-on toy.

This article will walk you through the process of choosing the right rubber tires and converting your kid’s Power Wheels tires from plastic to rubber.

Power Wheels Plastic tire vs rubber tire

1.Choose the Right Tires:

The first thing first is Dimensions, diameter is crucial because it can influence how high off the ground the vehicle sits. Too big or too small a diameter could alter the vehicle’s center of gravity, which could affect stability. ( you’re not seeking for monster truck right ?).

The width of the tire is also critical because it determines the size of the contact patch with the ground. A wider tire typically provides more traction, which could be beneficial if you’re driving on slippery surfaces or grass. However, it could also create more rolling resistance, as the vehicle’s engine has to work harder to maintain the same speed, which could potentially slow the vehicle down. So you have to find the optimal equation.

You would also need to consider the space available in the wheel wells. The new wheel and tire should be able to turn freely without rubbing against the body of the Power Wheels vehicle.

For me, the most important thing to consider is : Dimensions. And to be sure you’re ok in here, you should check also the Wheel Mount Compatibility : so you have to ask yourself ( and the commercial ) if the new wheels are compatible with the existing wheel mounts on your Power Wheels vehicle : bolt-on or press-on wheels…

Then comes the material of the tires : You are about to change the wheels type because you want a better traction, you choosed rubber type. And that’s best option.

However, you should know that 2 other types are also reommanded : EVA tires and PU tires. Compared to rubber tires, they are affordable. And if they are suitable for your need, why not to buy them ?

comparison between eva, pu and rubber tires

Lastly, the pattern of the tires can have a noticeable impact on performance :

different tread pattern source:

For indoor use or smooth, paved outdoor surfaces, smooth tread is typically the best choice, although it does not offer as much traction as other tread types. Alternatively, a ribbed tread provides a better grip and is suitable for flat, even surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. If the Power Wheels vehicle will often be driven off-road on surfaces like grass, dirt, or gravel, block or square tread patterns are highly recommended. Lastly, for wet or slick surfaces, the V-shaped pattern of the chevron tread offers superior grip.

2.Prepare Your Power Wheels for Modification

Once you brought your new tires, you can prepare your Power Wheels for modification, start by removing the existing plastic tires from the vehicle ( you will normally need a screwdriver and a wrench ).

Then, with some a mild detergent and a cloth, clean the wheel wells and axle area. Be meticulous in removing any dirt, debris, or grease that could potentially interfere with the installation of the new wheels.

3.Install the Rubber Tires

Once you have the right tires and your Power Wheels are prepared, follow these steps to install the rubber tires:

  1. Position the rubber tire on the axle and align them ( remember that if you paid attention to my recommandations when buying the wheels, you will not need an adapter, but if you hadn’t the choice, you need to buiy an adapter and mount it.
  2. Secure the rubber tire onto the axle using nuts, bolts, or screws, depending on the type of adapter or mounting system provided.
  3. Repeat the process for all four tires.
  4. Inflate the new tires with the air pomp to the recommended pressure, if needed.
  5. Put the wheel hub cap.

Conclusion: A Smoother Ride and a Grinning Child

By modifying your child’s Power Wheels with rubber tires, you’re providing a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride for your little speed demon. The improved traction and durability of rubber tires will make those off-road escapades even more thrilling and entertaining. Plus, your child will be the envy of the neighborhood, cruising around in their souped-up Power Wheels like a tiny automotive genius.

So buckle up and let the good times roll—just remember to keep the laughter (and tires) rolling, too! With your child’s newfound driving prowess, they may be inspired to open their own miniature pit stop or become the next big-name race car driver. Whatever their dreams may be, you’ve given them the perfect set of wheels to start their journey.

And who knows, one day they might even thank you with a brand new set of rubber tires for your car!