How to put drill battery in power wheels

To put a drill battery in Power Wheels, remove the old battery, install the drill battery adapter and then connect the drill battery to the adapter.

In the following guide, we’ll dive into the details of what a drill battery is, the nuances that set it apart from other battery types, and a step-by-step guide on installing a drill battery into your Power Wheels using an adapter.

What is a Drill Battery?

First things first, what are we even talking about when we say “drill battery”? Drill batteries are rechargeable batteries used to power cordless drills and other handheld devices. They’re often Lithium-ion or Nickel-Cadmium based, this make them powerful and efficient for high-performance tasks.

In other words, it’s like the energizing smoothie for your cordless drill; it’s what makes it go! Often made from high capacity materials like Lithium-ion.

Drill Battery Vs. Other Battery Types

drill battery vs power wheels battery

Now, I want to explain the difference between drill batteries and the standard batteries used in ride-on toys.

  1. Voltage: Drill batteries usually range from 12V up to 20V or more. This make the power wheels go faster or climb hills more easily.
  2. Recharge Time: Drill batteries often recharge in as little as 30 minutes to an hour, it have a fast-charging technology. In contrast, standard Power Wheels batteries can take several hours—that can goes up to 8 to 12 hours—to recharge fully.
  3. Durability:Drill batteries are built to last longer. They often last for 3 to 5 years while standard batteries generally have a lifespan of about 1 to 3 years depending on usage and care.
  4. Budget: Drill batteries and their adapters might have a higher upfront cost.

It’s these compelling differences that have some parents pondering : why not swap out the standard Power Wheels battery for a more robust drill battery? You get more power, faster recharging, and potentially longer lifespan!

It’s like upgrading from a tricycle to a jet ski.

You need a Drill Battery Adapter if you are installing a drill battery :

There’s no doubt that an adapter is needed if you decide to change the normal battery by a drill one. You can’t plug a drill battery into Power Wheels directly; you’ll need an adapter.

This device acts as a mediator and its role extends beyond just facilitating the physical connection….

So, what does the adapter do?

The adapter takes charge in voltage regulation, so that the drill battery’s higher voltage syncs harmoniously with the Power Wheels system. It’s like to make electrical component match well together. Then, many adapters have safeguards against overcharging or short-circuits.

How To Install a Drill Battery ?

drill adapter to power wheels

1.Remove the Old Installation :

To remove the old Power Wheels battery, turn off the toy. Locate the battery compartment ( usually it’s under the seat, under the hood or on the rear of the power wheels). Remove the battery and then unplug the original power plug from the original battery.

To remove the old power plug from the power wheels installation, you just have to cut its wires.

Now, we got rid of the old power wheels battery installation, we can process to install the new battery drill.

2.Install the Adapter & The fuse :

This is where your focus should really be, you’ll need to connect the adapter to the Power Wheels system, via the wires that were connected to the original battery.

Prepare the recieving wires ( those connected to the power wheels ) by twisting each of the 2 ends.

Install a 30A fuse inline at the positif wire of the adapter (which the positive electrical current will flow), this will secure the installation.

Connect the wires together : ( drill battery & power wheels ) by using a standard wire nuts.

3. Connect the Drill Battery to the Adapter

Connect the battery drill in adapter by applying a simple push, listen for that ‘click’. That’s your green light; the battery is successfully connected.

I invite you also to check out the following how-to video, which have similar steps as our guide. It may gives you a visual that can help you so much understand the how to do thing.

What about your experience :

If you followed our guide or did it your way, we’d love to hear about your experience with drill batteries installation and use.

Does our guide need improvment ? Do you have additional tips to share ? Did the drill batterie gave your ride-on toy a boost?

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