How to add a Horn to your Power Wheels

Any little kid would love to have a set up that includes a horn, unfrontunately not all ride on toys comes with horns!

If you’re looking to add a horn to your child’s Power Wheels, you have two options: an Electric Horn or an Air Horn. Feeling a bit puzzled? Don’t worry! I’ll exaplain : Both types are activated with a push button; the main differences lie in the installation process and the sound each horn produces.

To help you decide, take a listen to these sample sounds for each type of horn, and then choose the guide that is right for you:

1.Listen to the sounds samples :

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How to add an Electric Horn ?

electric horn

Materials Needed

  • A horn (you can buy it from retailers or source it from an old one)
  • Momentary rocker switch for the horn
  • Inline fuse
  • Wire (positive and negative)
  • Soldering materials or butt connectors
  • 15-amp fuse

Steps to follow

Step 1: Decide on the Switch Placement

To operate the horn, you’ll need to activate the momentary rocker switch. The first decision you’ll need to make is where to place this switch.

Ideally, choose a location within easy reach of your child when he’s seating in the Power Wheels, so he can easily activate the horn with a simple push, without having to make any additional movements.

Step 2: Wire It Up

Run the positive and negative wires from the horn to the switch. One wire will be the power to the horn, and the other will come from the battery or your fuse line. Make sure to use an inline fuse for safety.

You can use a piece of rigid copper house wire to help fish the pliable wires through tight spaces. It makes the job a lot easier!

Step 3: Connect the Wires

Once you’ve run the wires, it’s time to connect them. You can either solder the connections or use butt connectors. Make sure to tape up the connections so that the positive and negative wires don’t cross over one another.

You can look at this video to see how this dad connected and placed the wires :

Step 4: Final Touches

Drop a 15-amp fuse into the inline fuse holder. This could go lighter, but a 15-amp fuse is generally sufficient.

Step 5: Button everthing up

Once you’ve tested the horn and you’ve confirmed that everything works, you can button up any open panels. ( If it’s too loud, you may need to muffle it a bit. )

How to add an Air Horn ?

ride on toy equipped with air horn

Materials Needed

  • Mini air horns suitable for Power Wheels (two trumpet systems are a good choice)
  • Small air reservoir and compressor
  • Standard two-pin connectors
  • Mini relay (single pole, single throw)
  • 10-gauge wire
  • Fuse
  • Y-splitter
  • Nuts for mounting

Steps to follow

Step 1: Choose an adequete Air Horns

Select a set of mini air horns. The longer horn will produce a thinner tone, while the shorter one will give a more substantial, lower tone.

Pay attention to the decibels of the horn, as you don’t want it to be too loud and startling for both your child and people around.

Step 2: Decide on the Location for the Air Reservoir and Compressor

The air reservoir and compressor are essential components of the air horn system. Find a spot on the Power Wheels where they can fit ( Under the seat or at the back of the vehicle for exemple ).

Step 3: Mount the Air Horns

PS : For a better understanding of the how to mount air horns, I found this interesting video in Youtube, I recommand you visit it before starting the mounting process.

Step 4: Wire the System

Connect the compressor to the battery using the 10-gauge wire. Use the standard two-pin connectors to ensure a secure connection. Insert a fuse in the circuit to prevent any electrical mishaps. The mini relay will be used to activate the compressor when the horn button is pressed.

Step 5: Connect the Air Reservoir

Attach the air reservoir to the compressor. Use the Y-splitter if you have two horns to ensure both get the necessary air pressure. Ensure all connections are tight to prevent any air leaks.

Hope you found the needed help 🙂

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